7 Habits of Happy Healthy Progressing Students

You can take so much more out of dancing than by merely attending a class. Follow these seven tips to see your skills progress as you go through our courses.

  • 1. Showing up 15 minutes before your lesson to practice what you had learned in your last private lesson. 
    • This helps you get in the right mindset for dancing, aka primed to learn! As we like to say here at Arthur Murray’s, “Get the street off your feet!”
  • 2. Staying 15 minutes AFTER your lesson to practice and instill your new dance knowledge in to your mind and your muscle memory.
    • This aids you in retaining your newly discovered techniques and patterns so the next time you’re in for you private session you will build on your dancing knowledge and skill sets. This makes your progression happen at a much quicker pace. 
  • 3. Eating a healthy, well balanced diet. 
    • Energy levels will soar and your mind will be kept clear and focused for a night full of dancing all due to a healthy whole foods diet. Adding leafy greens, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains to your daily menu will get you to acquire these enticing attributes and make dancing a much easier and enjoyable sport to participate in. 
  • 4. Partaking in Groups and Parties.
    • Attending these sessions will prepare you for real world dancing scenarios. Plus, here at Arthur Murray’s the student body is very close, friendly, kind, and respectful... This is our chosen family, so let’s have fun, enjoy each other’s company and make memories using dance as the catalyst for all our moments we’ll remember for a lifetime! After all, isn’t life all about those memorable happy moments? 
  • 5. Participating in competition.
    • Not only does this fast track your progress, but it also has its many priceless benefits for you. Ask your key teacher about the upcoming events this year, you’ll be glad you did! 
  • 6. Using your dancing when going out with friends and family.
    • Much admiration will be adorned to you by the public when using you dancing out there in the real world. It will also cultivate a great sense of joy and accomplishment within, especially a feeling of personal achievement.
  • 7. Keeping your lessons close together so you can get MORE VALUE for your time and money.
    • Reason being, when learning something new the student must use repetition and their teachers dance knowledge to master their new technique and/ or pattern before letting it slip their memory. Therefore by keeping lessons close together, you will build on your dancing and progress at a much steadier pace as opposed to taking the same lesson in review because you’ve forgotten your newly learned techniques and patterns.
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