Learn a Variety of Classic and Popular Dance Styles in Edmonton

Learn the newest steps and dance floor moves from Edmonton’s dance professionals, Arthur Murray Dance Studio. You will gain poise and confidence, enhance your social life, and enjoy yourself all at the same time. Dancing is a healthy way to exercise, reduce stress and have fun. When comparing the dances, the most obvious difference is that each of them has its own unique combination of music and rhythm.

You will not have to take years of instruction before you can enjoy the benefits of being a good, comfortable social dancer. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you will realize your goal of developing your own personal style. We offer instruction in dance styles such as:

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Latin Dances from Bolero to Samba

Arthur Murray Dance Studio offers a variety of Latin dance classes, including the ever-popular salsa classes, in Edmonton:

When comparing these styles, you will notice the difference in dance steps and rhythms, but they also differ in subtle ways, mostly having to do with technique.


Originally a Spanish dance in ¾ time, it was changed in Cuba into 2/4 time and then eventually into 4/4 time. It is now present as a very slow type of Rumba rhythm. This dance is often said to have the rise and fall of Waltz, the contra-body motion of Tango, and the rhythm of Rumba. It is a favorite of dancers, as it incorporates many techniques similar to other dances to create a slow, sensual, romantic dance.


The Cha-Cha adds fun to your dancing through its syncopated steps and many open movements. When you can dance many interesting combinations with ease, you and your partner will be able to feel the pulsating Latin rhythms which make this dance so fascinating. The energetic rhythm of the Cha-Cha encourages you to cut loose and let your personality show.


Mambo is a fusion of Cuban and American dancing. The music is characterized by a stirring Afro-Cuban beat. Mambo is an exciting dance which allows you to develop your own feeling and expression. Because Mambo is such a fun dance, good Mambo dancers are always popular and in demand as partners. The wild exciting music, and rhythmical body movements make the earthy Mambo irresistible.


Learning the Rumba is a prerequisite for good Latin dancing. The Cuban Motion is essential in most Latin dances. The Rumba is used by good dancers everywhere and provides interesting variety suited to a limited space. Neat, attractive, precise footwork gives you confidence in your dancing. The Rumba will sharpen your sense of rhythm, timing, and muscular control.


Salsa is the Spanish word for “sauce” denoting a “spicy” and “hot” flavor to this popular dance style to a complex mix of many different rhythms. There are indications the term Salsa was coined by radio disc jockeys in Puerto Rico as early as the 1960′s. Later associated with a New York sound developed by Puerto Rican musicians, Salsa is considered the national music and dance of Puerto Rico. The fusion of an Afro-Cuban beat with enhanced jazz textures results in an aggressive high energy pulse which has become popular everywhere. Many of the patterns are closely related to those of the Mambo and Cha-Cha.


Samba improves the flexibility of the body and helps achieve easy movement and lightness. The Samba rolling action teaches the body to be supple. To move lightly, quickly, and smoothly without effort takes study but only at the start. Although considered a good exercise, Samba should be danced smoothly and in a relaxed manner giving the appearance of effortless movement. Sometimes called the South American Waltz, the Samba pulsates to a unique Latin rhythm.

Get that Swing at Arthur Murray Dance Studio

The Swing is a spot dance with American roots and a carefree relaxed style. Swing is a dance easily mastered by most people. The various speeds are excellent training for quick footwork and good leading and following, which will add comfort and ease in Latin rhythm dances too. After mastering the patterns, both men and women will find Swing a fun and exciting dance to learn and practice.

Perhaps the most uniquely American of all dances, the Swing brings forth a buoyant carefree movement. It’s one of the dances that becomes contagious. You definitely will have fun learning to swing dance at Edmonton’s Arthur Murray Dance Studio. Contact us for information about trying a free lesson to get started.

Waltz – The Classic Ballroom Dance

One of the most popular ballroom dances in the world, the waltz is elegant and romantic. A smooth style of dance, the waltz adapts itself well to special occasions like weddings as well as in global dance competitions. You’ll learn grace and ease with the dance’s characteristic long, flowing movements, slow tempos, and continuous turns. Take an effortless turn on the dance floor with waltz lessons at Edmonton’s Arthur Murray Dance Studio.

Basic Waltz

Waltz develops balance and control. The basic Waltz steps are the foundation patterns used in most ballroom dances. Correct posture, rise and fall, and flowing movements should be stressed to achieve good styling. The elegant sweeping movement of the Waltz gives dancers a chance to practice balance and to move lightly with ease.

Viennese Waltz

With such wonderful composers as Johann Strauss and others, the Waltz became more and more refined. The steps became smaller with the turns smoother and more compact. Adding the graceful lilt of the flowing skirts we have today’s Viennese Waltz.

Learn the Smooth Moves of the Foxtrot

Do you want to create a perfect picture with your first dance at your wedding but are a beginner at more formal dance styles? The foxtrot gives you a comfortable introduction to smooth and ballroom dancing at our Edmonton Arthur Murray Dance Studio. For your special day or any social occasion, knowing how to slow dance lets you enjoy yourself and move gracefully across the dance floor.

Foxtrot is a basic dance from which you can acquire a foundation. Learning to combine dance steps easily and smoothly teaches variety and maneuverability. The Foxtrot posture is attractive in appearance and helpful to all other dances. Being able to dance to slow, medium, and fast tempos will add confidence to your dancing and will assure fun and relaxation for your partner. The Foxtrot provides a good foundation for all dances and is often called the “get-acquainted” or “first impression” dance.

Tango – The Dance of Passionate Hearts

Tango originated in Spain as a solo dance performed by women and then a dance for couples, but the Tango we know today burst into life when the Spanish brought it to the New World, where it met the influences of African and Creole culture in Argentina and Uruguay. Ballroom Tango made its way from 19th century Argentina dance halls back to Europe in the 1900s. It then blazed throughout North America sparked by the New York dance scene and Hollywood’s silent film star Rudolph Valentino.

Tango now has varying styles such as French, Gaucho and International, but you can find both the Argentine and American styles as a heartfelt and elegant experience with Tango lessons at our Edmonton dance studio. Call Arthur Murray Dance Studio to book a Tango lesson today.


The Tango is one of the most beautiful of all the dances. It is characterized by earthy and dramatic movements. In order to achieve the distinctive style of Tango, it is important to develop controlled staccato footwork along with fluid graceful movements. The unique rhythm of the music is great training for timing and phrasing which develops as the dancer becomes more proficient. Tango practice is essential towards becoming a good dancer.

Argentine Tango

This dance originated in the West Indies where it was danced only by the lowest classes. The name is from the African Tanganya. The dance found its way into Argentina where it was re-created by the Gauchos in Buenos Aires. It was actually an attempt on their part to imitate the dance except that they danced it in a closed ballroom position. The Tango caused a sensation and was soon to be seen the world over in a more subdued version.

Country-Western Dance – Start with the Two-Step

Of all of the country dances North America has created, the country-western two-step is the dance for everyone. It has the same step as the foxtrot, the foundation dance for all ballroom techniques, with the casual ease of your favourite pair of blue jeans. The country or Texas Two-Step rides on the popularity of country-western music and the sociability of line dancing at private events, dance halls and honky-tonks all across Canada and the U.S.

At Arthur Murray Dance Studio, our syllabus includes all of the popular country dances today, including the Two-Step, Three-Step and Six-Step. When you know how to dance, you’re going to want to dress up and go out more often. You’ll make friends and, above all, have fun. Contact us about beginner or advanced Two-Step lessons at our Edmonton studio, or see our class calendar for group hoedown fun!

Get Your Body Moving

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