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11 Tips for All Dancers, Regardless of Level or Skill

Dancing is a whole lot of fun but it can be physically demanding. Here we offer 11 universal tips for all dancers that will help you to enjoy your dance workout without being bothered by fatigue and sore muscles.

In our previous blog we discussed the 8 secrets to ballroom success. Read our universal dance tips for all dancers below and follow the link to learn more about Arthur Murray’s dance studios in Edmonton.

1. Drink Water
First and foremost, always drink lots of water. Not just in the summer when it’s hot, but in the colder winter months as well. Your body still needs to be hydrated before, during and after exercise. Your body doesn’t function at its best without it. To prevent body shock room temperature water is best. Avoid alcohol, as it is a diuretic and steals water from your body.

2. Warm Up
Most dance injuries happen because the muscles are not warm. Warming up increases heart and breathing rates, thereby increasing the amount of oxygen provided to these muscles. The warmup allows your joints to secrete more synovial fluid, which is what helps keep you from getting stiff. This means that your chances of getting stiff are a lot less when you warm up.

3. Stretch
A bit of stretching between dances will help reduce lactic acid buildup in your muscles. Lactic acid causes fatigue and sore muscles.

4. Laugh More
Laughing relieves anxiety by reducing aggression and conflict. We develop a stronger immune system as well through laughter. Not only does laughter improve mental health, it is one of the easiest sources of cardiac exercise. It’s also highly contagious because it is universal. Everyone can laugh and it’s one of the few gifts we are born with.

5. Good Posture
Not only does good posture make it easier to dance well, it helps you breathe better, walk better and even feel better. You will even be taller if someone were to measure you relaxed versus standing up straight. A major benefit to having good posture is that it can help prevent future back problems.

6. Nutrition
Avoid eating processed foods; the sugar content will contribute to adult diabetes and the hydrogenated fats will clog arteries causing strokes and heart attacks. Fruits and veggies contain vitamins, minerals, fibre, and water to help you stay healthy.

7. Dance Etiquette
Do not criticize your partners while on the social dance floor. It’s inappropriate because it is embarrassing for them and you. Let the teachers tell them on their next lesson.

8. Practice
Going through what you learned in class for 5 minutes at home goes a long way in remembering for future lessons or socials. If your partner can’t practice at the same time as you then do it by yourself! By improving your dancing, you make it easier on your partner. This is also the time to practice finding the beat so you can start on the correct count. Work on dancing with your feet together, instead of apart; this will develop a sense of balance.

9. Group Classes
Group class is a great way to work on body and foot technique, since there is no lead/follow. By developing coordination you can learn how to syncopate. Here’s your chance to work on foot positions, foot placements and arm styling, as well as Cuban Motion.

10. Proper Technique
Without using good technique you don’t become a great social dancer. Incorrect foot position and/or posture cause balance and lead/follow problems. As you progress to higher levels technique is important in order to understand and perform the more advanced steps.

11. Beginners 
Make sure you have strong basics before moving up a level or learning new patterns. The new steps will be more frustrating for you if you don’t know your basics well enough. NEVER refuse a dance; this is how we learn to be better dancers, so dance with everyone from all levels.

Guys – Warm up with the basics and gradually move up levels. Your job is to make the lady look good, which in turn, will make you look good.

Gals – Patience really is a virtue. It is important to know and remember that the guys have more to think about than the ladies.

Now that you have some helpful hints on how to improve your dancing, let’s see you in action! Contact us today to sign up for dance lessons in Edmonton

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