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Be Nice to be Near! 7 Tips to Make Sure You Get a Second Dance

There are few activities that you do within a few inches of another person. Ballroom dancing is one of the more fun ones.We work hard, play hard and dance hard but after an hour long party sometimes we start to look like a deodorant commercial.

There are better ways to make sure we are nice to be near, without sacrificing our technique and style!

1) Pocket Mints

A piece of gum is a great way to keep your breath fresh! However sometimes the noise from chewing gum can be just as off putting as the bad breath itself. Try keeping a couple mints in your pocket, and popping one at the beginning of every lesson.

*A Helpful Hint! As a courtesy, every time you have a mint, offer one to your partner! Even if they have nice breath, it can’t hurt to have a minty treat and a fresh taste! (Disclaimer: It is completely acceptable to break the “avoid gum while dancing” rule, if it is offered to you.)

2) Never say “No”

“Never say No” is also a great mentality to have anytime you’re asked to dance! Dancing with people of all levels is what makes us strong partners. Besides… It’s only a minute and a half!

3) Perfume and Cologne

It is important to understand that some people have more sensitive noses than others! Wearing to much perfume or cologne, or wearing an overbearing scent can be distracting and upsetting to others.

*A helpful hint! Start by putting a small amount of unscented lotion on the spots you intend to apply your scent. This will help the skin to hold the scent for longer, while using less product. The general consensus is to apply a small amount of perfume or cologne to the wrists, inside of your elbows and collarbone. Should you still feel “naked” try applying a small amount to the back of the knees. (Yes you read that right, the back of the knees).

4) Deodorant or Antiperspirant

Just as it’s not okay to wear an entire bottle of Channel No. 5, it’s also unacceptable to wear no product at all. If you usually go au natural you may find that with a little shopping, (and a few free samples at your local store) there could be a more natural scent that’s just right for you.

5) Holding Hands

Rings can be sharper than you think, If you’re wearing a ring with sharp edges, try turning it around, or simply taking it off while your dancing. Loose fitting bracelets and watches or even large uncovered cuff-links can also be problematic. Catching a piece of jewelry in your partner’s hair during a Showcase Solo is not how you want to remember the event.

6) Attire

Be sure that your attire is dance appropriate. There is a difference between what one might wear to the club versus what you might wear to a Medal Ball. Things to keep in mind when choosing your outfit should include:

*Does it move? (This isn’t a tip for being nice to be near, it’s just important that your skirt or dress feels “dancey”.)

*Does it cover your arms? Should it? This is left to the women’s discretion, for men however it is discourteous to wear tank tops, or any garment that doesn’t cover the armpits. Short or preferably long sleeves are customary.

*What is the chance of a wardrobe malfunction? Try to be sure it’s not an outfit that is at risk of riding up to high, or pulling down to low. When you’re dancing you’re moving A LOT. You never know when somethings going to get pulled, tugged or jostled around.

*Dance Pants. When in doubt wear a pair of dance pants. They are a form fitting undergarment for women that ensure that if something does ride up or if you decide to go full out on your next develop, you will always look you best.

7) General Courtesy

The most important thing in any ballroom dancing situation, is comfort and safety. Everyone should always feel like Arthur Murray is a warm, welcoming, safe and friendly place to be. Always remember to ask someone to dance politely, a please and thank you goes a long way. Clap at the end of every song and with the switch of every partner.

Always dance your best! Whether you are looking for wedding dance lessons, beginner dance lessons, or intermediate dance classes in Edmonton Arthur Murray Dance Centre is here to help. Learn from our trained instructors and contact us for more information today!

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