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Dance as a Workout – How Dance Can Get You Fit for Spring in Edmonton

By July 23, 2018Blog

Dancing is a form of human expression. It’s been used for centuries as a method of story-telling, entertainment and socialization. But did you know that it is also a phenomenal workout?

After a long winter in Edmonton, you may find yourself feeling sluggish, cooped up and out of shape. If you want to amp up your workout and get faster results in time for spring, dance lessons could be the answer you’re looking for. At our dance studios, we have seen students transform both their bodies and improve their emotional health through dance lessons.

6 Reasons to Take Dance Lessons

1. Burn calories, increase stamina
Dancing is an aerobic exercise that gives your cardiovascular system, heart and lungs an excellent workout. It can burn as many calories as jogging and uses the same muscle exertion and breathing rates as cyclists and swimmers. Plus, it’s more fun too!

2. Improve your balance and coordination
By mastering the ability to balance your body in a number of positions, you strengthen stabilizer muscles while protecting your core. Dancing also engages the Central Nervous System and Peripheral Nervous System, which improves your coordination by strengthening the body-mind connection.

3. Dance helps you build core and upper body strength
Due to the control and motions involved, dance allows you to tone your body and build muscle. By improving your muscle tone, you strengthen your joints and bone density, which can help prevent and treat arthritis and osteoporosis.

4. Dance is good for your memory
Learning new dance steps and associating your movements with music is a great way to build your memory and improve your mental health. Increasing your mental exercise keeps your mind young, quick and alert.

5. Improve your mood
Dance is a social activity that releases endorphins in your brain to improve your mood. It is tremendously beneficial on an emotional and social level, which also strengthens your physiological health.

6. Increase cultural interactions
Dance allows you to meet new people and build new relationships. It is a universal language without barriers. No matter what country you visit, if you can dance, you can achieve a form of communication and share your spirit with others.

A Dance Style for Everyone
Whether you’re looking for beginner dance lessons or you have previous dance experience, Arthur Murray Dance Centers can help you get the fitness results you want. From Rhythm and Latin to Ballroom and Country, there is a dance style to suit everyone’s soul.

Try them all to get a feel for the ones that move you and make you want to step out on the dance floor. Or to book a complimentary dance lesson, contact us today!

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