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Group Dance Classes 101 in Edmonton

By August 6, 2018Blog

Group dance classes in Edmonton are included in everyone’s program at Arthur Murray Dance Studio, but only a small percentage of our student body really takes full advantage of these dance lessons.

In group class we learn to dance with people other than our regular partner or teacher (who unknowingly can compensate for us). This teaches us balance and how to lead or follow better. We may learn a new step of technique which actually saves you money and time, since you won’t have to learn it on a personal lesson. You get a lot of repetition and practice. If you know the pattern already, then you get a chance to practice more intricate techniques and 40 minutes of standing up straight can really make a difference in your posture!

If you have problems or questions there are usually many teachers who can help clarify things for you so that you can practice what you have learned properly. After all, there is a reason that the students who learn the fastest and become the best dancers, are the ones who spend the most time in the dance studios and attend as many group dance classes and practice parties as they can.

Practice parties are the only chance, on a weekly basis, that a student has to test out their dancing in a real life environment. The parties are always hosted with different levels of dancers who may not all be dancing the same dance at the same time. It is a great opportunity to; learn floorcraft, become a better leader or follower, practice dancing and carrying on a conversation at the same time, learn new dances, improve your confidence in dancing with others and have a lot of fun. The benefits are endless and parties are always included in your program. With all the great teachers and variety of times and dance classes included, we would like to challenge each and every one of our students to try a new group class this month, and take advantage of all the perks your program has to offer.

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