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5 Health Benefits of Ballroom & Latin Dancing

By February 5, 2019Blog

Even Arthur Murray Can Lose Weight

Guest Post by Antonio Messam

Christmas is here and what a beautiful day it can be, presents for all and food to eat. Tonight, we will feast; tonight we will drink and lay with our big bellies sound asleep. I love the holiday season and love food just as much as anyone; what I don’t love is seeing grandma’s cooking hanging from the side of my pants. What is the solution? Obviously, go to the gym! January is the busiest time of the year to lose weight, put on muscles and transform your body to the new you. I’ve tried the Keto Diet, HIIT Bootcamps and the once popular Zumba. I’m bored. Every year I eat till my heart’s content and every year I try the same diet and workouts. I need a new active routine. What’s new? What’s cool?

During my discoveries I stumbled on Ballroom and Latin Dancing brought to me by Arthur Murray Dance Studio. It’s easy to follow and I noticed a huge difference, in not only my weight loss but my posture and confidence as well. Ballroom and Latin Dancing are the only forms of dance categorized as a Dance Sport. It was fun feeling like a pro while learning how to dance at my beginner level. If you’re tired of the same workout pattern and you need something fresh and exciting, go to Arthur Murray Dance Studio.

  1. Great cardio that will increase the metabolism for weight loss. 
    Try doing the ChaCha or Samba without working up a sweat! Cardio is key when it comes to keeping fit and healthy, so turn up the heat with your rhythm dances and sweat baby, sweat!
  2. Full body workout without the use of weights. 
    Focusing on proper technique activates your whole body. Performing simple moves in Waltz or Rumba engages your glutes, latissimus dorsi and abdominis.
  3. Improved posture
    From back pain to knee pain, proper posture helps alleviate so many problems, and is a major focus of every dance style! You’ll love the way you feel more flexible, strong, and confident on and off the dance floor.
  4. Increased memory and comprehension
    Your brain is like a muscle and needs regular training to stay in shape. Learning new dance patterns challenges your mind to think and act accordingly, creating and improving neural pathways.
  5. Fun, Fun, Fun 
    No one dances because “they have to”. Possibly the most important aspect of working out is motivation. Regular fitness is what will show you the most results, so go the group class, attend that Thursday party, because not only is it fun, it’s HEALTHY!


See you on the dancefloor!


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