6 Ways Ballroom Dancing Has Improved My Life

When you learn how to dance it’s going to affect your life in a countless number of ways. I decided to highlight just a few of them so you can get an idea of the impact dance lessons can have!

1. Exercise

Doing something as small as having an elevated heart beat for just 30 minutes a day can have a huge correlation to your health and wellbeing. Taking dance lessons gives you a fun, upbeat and easy way to work on your cardio without having to run on that noisy treadmill every day!

2. Music

When you learn to dance you really get a chance to find out more about what music you like, and why! Learning more about the beats in the music and what’s going on behind the lyrics can be a cool way to find a new appreciation for old music. You may even find that you like dancing to music you never thought you’d enjoy!

3. Friends

Coming to your fist group or party can be a very scary experience, especially when you came in alone! Don’t worry, everyone at Arthur Murray is friendly, kind and remembers exactly what it was like when they where new! You will find that in no time you know everyone’s names, a bit about them and will have made tons of new friends!

4. Confidence

Once you understand that the ladies would rather do a box step for a minute and a half than sit around by themselves, it takes a lot of pressure off. Dancing can be a great way to build social confidence and develop the skills you need to take your dancing out into the real world!

5. Balance

Why didn’t anyone ever teach us to walk? It’s one of those things in life you are just expected to pick up and learn by watching. Luckily when we take dance lessons we get to learn a little more about how our body works, like where our hips go, how to transfer weight and how to be more conscious of our balance. After just a few lessons you will notice a difference, and who doesn’t need good balance on those icy sidewalks!

6. Commitment
Learning to dance is fun, quick and easy. However when it comes to some of the bigger projects like getting a solo ready for medal ball or preparing for a showcase, it can be a little daunting. Dancing helps us develop the skill of practicing and committing to a schedule. Anytime you do a spotlight, a solo or even a competition, it’s going to be a big commitment and hard work, but trust us, in the end you will be glad you did it!

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