Develop your Dancing with the Knowledge of Science

Wow! You just had an amazing dance session! Don’t worry, I’ll educate you on how to retain it all! Best way to engrain your newly learned dancing skills/ movements would be to repeat, repeat, repeat as quickly and as often as possible! Reason being is quite simple really...

It’s an avenue in science called neuroplasticity. Simply put, every time you learn something new your brain is firing chemical and electrical waves making new memories, or synapses/ neuropathways. These neuropathways will disperse in a matter of hours to days if not repeated or reviewed. This is why it is of utmost importance that you attend your dance sessions as often and as regular as possible to maintain these new synapses in your brain and to build on them as opposed to taking them in review. Like we always say here at Arthur Murray’s, keep your lessons close together so that we can build on your learning as opposed to taking it in review. Science does a fine job at explaining why that is. So take care everyone, I hope this new found knowledge helps.

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