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The Guide to the Perfect Christmas Gift for Couples

Are you known as the one in the relationship who always gets just the perfect thing? That can be a lot of pressure to get just the right gift. Are you the one who always gets the wrong gift? Isn’t it about time you nailed it and got the perfect gift for your significant other? What about giving the perfect, fun gift of dance lessons from Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Edmonton.

We all can agree that spending as much money as possible isn’t enough to make a great gift. Otherwise we would just give everyone an envelope with money in it and we would all have a great Christmas! Heck, why not just keep the money since they’re just going to give it right back, and we can all just give each other cards. 

The holiday season is about more than giving things to someone we love. A lot of people would say the holidays are about spending time with people. We all have such busy lives, balancing work, social life and family can seem impossible. If only there was a gift we could give not only to the one we love, but to ourselves. A gift that can get used, not get used up. Something that we can have forever and always.

Ballroom dancing. Ballroom dancing is an opportunity. When you make a commitment to yourself and your love, you make a commitment to your relationship. Imagine every week, taking time out of your schedule for each other. By time for each other, we don’t mean spending time side by side, looking forward or at your food while you sit on your couch and watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones. With ballroom dancing you can take a night every week to hold your significant others hands, look into their eyes and spend quality time together. Ballroom dancing is an equal playing field, a new hobby that neither of you have done before! It can be difficult convincing your wife to get into football, or getting your husband to join your book club. But with ballroom dancing you can learn something new, from the beginning, together. As a team sport, you win and fail together. 

Isn’t it time you and the love of your life reminded each other why you're together?

Isn’t it time to take a night off for yourself?

Try ballroom dancing from Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Edmonton this holiday season, you won’t regret it. Call us today!

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